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It’s June, Aries, which means that the summer months are officially here, along with sweet (and sometimes salty) Cancer season. During May, your love life heated up, and there’s more of that to look forward to. The stars are busy this month, so let’s get to it. Enjoy downtime early in June, especially around the full moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, June 3. Full moons bring out everyone’s inner animal, and as represented by the archer, Sagittarius is the only sign to carry a weapon. This weekend looks to be wild. Avoid drama by staying in, and if you do decide to party, expect to get into some trouble. Although, once the lover planet Venus enters gorgeous Leo and your 5th House of Pleasure on Monday, June 5, you’ll be so busy in bed that you won’t want to leave the house. And, if you’re single, asexual, or tired of dating, this transit encourages you to enjoy sensuality through self-care, so indulge in long baths and even longer naps.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is currently retrograde, causing all sorts of makeovers in your life and, at the risk of sounding like an astrologer, the collective consciousness. When the planet enters industrious Capricorn on Sunday, June 11 (before returning into Aquarius on January 22, 2024, where it will remain for the next 19 years), you’re ready to negotiate your work/life balance. If it feels like all star signs are re-examining such boundaries, Pluto’s retrograde may have something to do with it. But, thankfully for you, Aries, when Mercury enters Gemini and your 3rd House of Communication on the same day, Sunday, June 11, you’re able to confidently and effectively state your needs. 

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Setting the mood for summer, Saturn goes retrograde in dreamy Pisces starting on Saturday, June 17. Saturn is called the “task-maker” of the zodiac and is known for adoring rules. When it’s retrograde, it’s like everyone’s parents are out of town. People are ready to rage, dive into summer flings, and shamelessly post thirst traps, so start practicing your spring makeup looks. And, speaking of being on your phone, if you’re going to text your crush to ask them out or write an email to your boss asking to work from home more, do it around the new moon in Gemini and your 3rd House of Communication on Sunday, June 18. New moons mark a fresh cycle, and with Mercury at home in Gemini, you continue to find more confidence in your communications. 

When Cancer season starts on Wednesday, June 21, you may feel more emotional than usual. Aries usually pride themselves on keeping a poker face, but the truth is, you’re horrible at it (sorry, rams). As the first sign of the zodiac, your inner child is always showing. But rather than fight that, give into it this summer. When messenger Mercury enters Cancer and your 4th House of Home and Family on Monday, June 26, you’re reminded that the more you avoid or procrastinate feeling and working through your emotions, the more difficult they will become to manage. When the ethereal planet Neptune goes retrograde in creative Pisces on Friday, June 30, you are able to find a healthy outlet to express yourself, whether it’s journaling, working with a therapist, or even songwriting. So continue to have fun during affectionate Cancer season, and see you next month. 

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