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It’s August 2023, Aries, and big changes are afoot. Last monthVenus, the romantic ruler of love, money, and beauty, went retrograde, advising you to wait until the planet goes direct on Sunday, September 3, before committing to any drastic changes to your appearance, such as a tattoo, cosmetic procedure, or even regular-degular bangs (they call for more upkeep than celebrities would have us believe).

Speaking of cash, however, you may be grateful to save the money because August could see you indulging in food and drinks with your friends. Of course, astrologers can’t make any real predictions about money in this economy, but as a cosmic tip: You may want to budget for dinners out this month by creating large batches of slow-cooker meals you love. When Tuesday, August 1, brings a full moon in rebel Aquarius and your 11th House of Friendship, you’re reminded of the importance of checking in on friends, likely to cheer up a friend having a tough go of it. Take them out to dinner or invite them over for movies and snuggles (literal or metaphorical). It’ll feel much more worth it to drop cash on 

On Tuesday, August 15, Juno, the asteroid of commitment, enters loyal Leo and your 5th House of Pleasure. This may seem to point to a deepening within any sexual relationship, perhaps summer flings evolving into something long-term. While this may be true for some Aries, given the events of the new moon, this transit is about leaning into your friendships for support and perhaps practicing an extra dose of gratitude for the platonic partnerships in your life. Remember, your friendships are the foundation upon which all healthy romances are built.

However, spend the new moon in vain Leo on Wednesday, August 16, catching up on rest. There’s no drama to avoid. You’re just likely tired from such a fun month so far. And, while Venus retrograde may not be the best time for significant beauty changes, it’s the ideal time for wellness rituals as a form of self-care, from indulging in skin care to catching up on sleep

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