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Welcome to April, Aries. This month brings an intense solar eclipse in your sign, but you’ve survived such times before, and as a strong, stubborn ram, you will get through this one just fine, too. Last month, your season began, kicking off the astrological new year. So while you’ll have to pass the torch to Taurus in April, there are many bountiful dates worth circling in your calendar this month, even when your season comes to a close. 

First up, on Monday, April 3, the communication planet Mercury enters sensual Taurus and your 2nd House of Possessions. The 2nd House is indeed associated with cash, but as much as I wish I could, no astrologer can promise an influx of cash in this economy. But that’s no reason not to be hopeful. With the aid of Mercury, the messenger of the gods, early April is a promising time to have conversations surrounding money, whether you’re working with your union, asking for a raise, or creating a budget. 

Talking about money can be stressful and leave one feeling scared and isolated, but the good news is that you won’t be alone. Wednesday, April 5, brings a bright full moon in pretty Libra and your 7th House of Partnership. Whether you’re coming home to a supportive partner or enjoying the camaraderie among coworkers, know that you have folks by your side that you can trust as you navigate any nerve-wracking negotiations. Because full moons mark culminations, this transit could also see a leveling up in a romantic relationship. So, even if you don’t get a raise around this time, you’ll feel loved enough to remember that there is more to life than money. When the planet of love, Venus, enters flirty Gemini and your 3rd House of Communication on Monday, April 10, you find that any conversations about relationship statuses flow easily, like water, reminding you that you’re on the right track, ideally with the right person. 

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Wednesday, April 19, brings a new moon and solar eclipse in your sign, Aries. Astrologers like to refer to eclipses as “cosmic wildcards” because they can bring swift and often unexpected change. However, if you implement clear communication about your wants and needs, as discussed above, about both professional and personal desires, you should be on stable enough ground that this eclipse will pass without any serious damage. At worst, you might feel a little anxious around this date, so it’s a good excuse to enjoy a night of self-care. 

The sun leaves your sign, Aries, kicking off Taurus season on Thursday, April 20. As the first sign of the zodiac, you love getting your way and being the center of attention, so you may find this news slightly annoying. However, Taurus season is a bountiful time that will bring abundance your way. Hopefully, that means some money, and certainly, it means more love. It’s normal to pay more attention to the bad things in life than the good, but your Taurus season assignment is to look at life with a glass-half-full perspective. Make it your mission to note and remember everything good that happens, even just praise and compliments. While no one is arguing that life can be challenging, Aries, sometimes, happiness does become a choice, and you deserve all the joy in the world. 

Staying positive will help you make it through Mercury retrograde, which begins on Friday, April 21. You know the drill: Double-check any important emails and texts for typos, ignore toxic exes sliding into your DMs, and allow extra travel time. But, overall, your April mission is to focus on the joy derived from your relationships and to express your appreciation for others, even when the communication Mercury is in its backward dance. See you next month. 

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