Ariana Grande‘s freckles live rent-free in our minds. And for the most part, that’s the only place we usually get to see them. The superstar’s makeup usually ends in the cute little spots being completely covered for a completely even-toned look — a choice as valid and lovely as letting them show. So we can’t help but get a little excited when she lets them peek through like she just did on TikTok.

In a quickie tutorial posted on May 11, Grande is seen holding up her own R.E.M. Beauty Full Night’s Sleep Cooling Blurring Undereye Balm. While her eye makeup — a classic cat eye and lush lashes — and her lip gloss are already applied, her skin is bare, revealing the freckles splashed across her upper cheeks as she applies the balm. 

But blink and you’ll miss them because she follows up her balm with her R.E.M. Beauty Sweetener Concealer. As she applies it a dabs it in with a makeup sponge, her freckles become significantly less apparent — but that’s concealer for ya.

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The TikTok samples an audio clip that says, “If you have this and you have this, do yourself a favor and wear them together.” It was originally used in a video about fragrances by @erineaufraiche who, as you might imagine, is freaking out in the best way about Grande using her audio. 

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