I think I might have run out of fingers on which to count the number of times I’ve written about Ariana Grande‘s most recognizable hairstyle: a high, tight, super-long ponytail. It has been her loyal companion through years of mega-fame, seeing tweaks every now and then — like bangs or an updated hair color — but the foundation is always there. And today, we were treated to a never-before-seen iteration of Grande’s go-to style.

Grande posted a carousel of photos and video clips to Instagram on Monday, October 23, sharing some recent images we’ve seen before and some that are new to social media. Among the most amusing pieces of new footage: the singer enjoying some quality time with goats. In both a photo and a video, Grande is seen wearing an oversized off-white coat while interacting with the adorable farm animals, who seem to be quite fond of her. (Goat recognize GOAT, am I right?)

Also adorable: Grande’s hair. As is usually the case, her currently blonde hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, but at first glance, it looks like she might have cut her hair quite short. In actuality, all that length is tucked into a casual, looped bun, with a few of the ends poking out. And while it’s a very cute look, Grande is probably wearing it that way for practical reasons. After all, goats will attempt to eat almost anything at eye level, including a superstar’s hair.

Grande is also wearing a headband, which appears to serve more of a fashion purpose than a utilitarian one considering it’s not holding her bangs off of her face. (Another photo showing Grande sitting in a guitar case reveals that the headband is, in fact, capable of holding back the fringe.)

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