After Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies won Halloween last year by recreating several scenes from Best in Show to hilarious perfection, I honestly didn’t think they’d try to top it. (You really haven’t lived until you experience Grande’s brilliant Jennifer Coolidge impression.) But yesterday, the longtime friends shared their Halloween presentation for 2023, and it absolutely lives up to last year’s if not surpasses it.

Grande and Gillies posted photos (they posted several carousels of photos, in fact) and multiple videos on Instagram in which they’re portraying frenemy dancers Nomi Malone and Cristal Connors, respectively — the roles made famous (or perhaps infamous) by Elizabeth Berkley and Gina Gershon in 1995’s so-bad-it’s-spectacular Showgirls. The accuracy is uncanny, from the delivery to the beauty details — the makeup, the hair, and even the nails. Especially the nails.

See, Nomi’s nails are basically a supporting character in Showgirls. She has several manicures throughout the campy classic — her nails are mentioned in the dialogue multiple times — and one of the most celebrated scenes goes a little something like this:

Yikes! While Grande and Gillies didn’t recreate that particular scene, the ones they did recreate definitely captured that catty tension — and captured two versions of Showgirls-perfect French manicures, too. 

Instagram/Elizabeth Gillies

Instagram/Elizabeth Gillies

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