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Welcome to July, AquariusLast month, Pluto, which is currently retrograde and recently made a once-in-a-generation shift by entering your sign, dipped back into Capricorn, asking you to examine your work/life boundaries (and ensure you’re not taking advantage of anyone’s emotional labor). Doing so sounds like a severe crime, but even the best of us can sometimes lean too much on a friend or partner for support.

Monday, July 3, brings a full moon in diligent Capricorn and your 12th House of the Unconscious. Spend this lunation with your favorite person, but your assignment is to listen. Take a night off from asking them for advice regarding your problems and simply be there for them.

This theme continues when Mercury, the messenger of the gods, enters Leo and your 7th House of Partnership on Tuesday, July 11. If you need the support of a friend, it’s okay to ask for it, but continue to prioritize listening. The new moon on Monday, July 17, falls in caring Cancer and your 6th House of Health, which encompasses emotional well-being, so you may notice how much your friendships have improved by prioritizing giving. All partnerships are a two-way street; the more you give, the more you receive.  

Saturday, July 22, is perhaps the most important date of the month, so make sure to mark it down in your calendar. On this date, Venus, the ruler of love, abundance, and beauty, goes retrograde (it goes direct on Sunday, September 3). Conversations regarding romance or money may feel like they take extra effort, and astrologers also advise against making drastic changes to your appearance during Venus retrograde (unless you’re scheduled for gender affirmation surgery, which is an appointment lovely Venus wants you to keep). The secret to surviving this backward dance is to heavily lean into wellness rituals, such as committing to a skin care routine, a better sleep schedule, and having fun experimenting with summer makeup looks. 

Also on Saturday, July 22, the sun enters Leo, kicking off the fun-loving Leo season. Leo is a proud sign that isn’t afraid to openly love birthday parties and understands the value of vanity. Leo season reminds you that taking care of yourself is the good kind of selfish. If you act like a Leo and pamper yourself, you likely won’t even notice that Venus is retrograde. 

The second major retrograde of July occurs on Sunday, July 23 (and lasts through Tuesday, December 26). Chiron, an astrologically important comet, beings its backward dance, which is associated with healing trauma. Some Aquarinans could benefit from working with a professional to navigate old wounds, while others just need extra time with their trusted friends. You are loved and supported, Aquarius, and we’ll see you in August. 

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