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Happy August, Aquarius. When Venus, the ruler of beauty, went retrograde last month, the stars encouraged you to pamper yourself as much as possible. Leaning into skin care rituals and getting plenty of sleep is the best way to survive Venus retrograde. Remember this when Tuesday, August 1, brings a full moon in your sign, Aquarius. This powerful lunation, which opens the month, can leave folks feeling on edge and cause silly arguments within your friend group, so it’s best spent chilling out at home. 

Your romantic relationships, or most important friendships, take front and center once Juno, the “asteroid of commitment,” enters Leo and your 7th House of Partnership on Tuesday, August 15. If you’re currently dating and hoping for your relationship to deepen, the stars are on your side. If you’re prioritizing other relationships, this transit could also see intimacy growing with a friend. When Wednesday, August 16, brings a new moon in Leo and your 7th House of Partnership, something happens, minor or major, that brings you closer to the most crucial person in your life, and you couldn’t be happier about it, so make sure to celebrate. Just be aware that Mercury retrograde begins on Wednesday, August 23, the same day that Virgo season starts. You’ve been through enough of these pesky backward dances that there’s no need to worry. Just make sure to be extra clear and concise in your conversations to avoid miscommunication as your relationships transform. 

Your ruling planet, the rebellious Uranus, goes retrograde in Taurus and your 4th House of Home and Family on Monday, August 28. During this backward dance, which will last roughly five months, makes you want to break some rules or, more accurately, set boundaries. Because your House of Home is lit up, many Aquarians will likely advocate for working from home during this time. If such a need doesn’t apply to you, Uranus retrograde will probably see you redecorating or even moving into a new home. Adding to August’s themes of leveling up relationships, this could also see you moving in with a friend or partner. And, after a full moon early in the month asked you to enjoy alone time, the full moon in wise Pisces on Wednesday, August 30, does the opposite. Spend this lunation with your partner or bestie, as it’s a night for intimate conversations, hot sex if applicable, and enjoying the company of your chosen family. See you in September. 

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