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Welcome to February 2023. Your season began last monthAquarius, and January ended on a lucky note for your career. You must hand the torch to Pisces this month, but fear not. The stars bring magic fairy dust to your love life, both at the beginning and end of the month. First, Sunday, February 5, lights up the sky with a full moon in brave Leo and your 7th House of Partnership. Each moon phase is associated with a form of magic, and full moons represent manifestation and culmination. As a result, this full moon likely sees positive movement in your love life or finally puts to bed a tough conversation. 

Talking out any issue, whether it’s asking for more space or opening up about fantasies, is easier once the messenger planet Mercury enters your sign, Aquarius, on Saturday, February 11. With Mercury on your side, any form of communication flows like water, not just those in bed with romantic interests. 

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The sun leaves your sign and officially enters dreamy Pisces on Saturday, February 18. While people associate your sign, Aquarius, with logic and aloofness, Pisces is an empathetic and emotional water sign. And, to be frank, you could use this energy, especially to help nurture your love life. When Sunday, February 19, brings a new moon in Pisces, make it your mission to open up to someone that you trust. Don’t worry, you don’t have to lose your boundaries, but see what happens when you let love in. 

If you remember, February brings your love life blessings both at the beginning and end of the month, bookending February with romance, even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. On Sunday, February 19, Venus, the planet of love, enters assertive Aries and your 3rd House of Communication. With Venus on your side, it’s easier than ever to open up and display (a little) vulnerability with a partner, crush, or trusted friend. So note how increased affection and communication affect your love life, and we’ll see you in March. 

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