We are living in the golden era of deodorant and antiperspirant scents. There was a time when underarm fragrance choices ranged from powder to… yeah, pretty much just powder. And now, the options are seemingly endless. What a time to be alive, indeed. And if there’s anyone really rejoicing over the freedom and power to make our armpits smell exactly how we’d like, it’s Cardi B.

In a new video for Vogue Mexico and Latin America exploring the contents of the rapper’s humongous, red Hermès bag, Cardi reveals that she’s a fan of a classic powder smell — but not for her armpits. She carries around baby powder to throw in the air as a post-bathroom stink-neutralizer. For her body — and more specifically, for her underarms — she’d much rather smell like sour gummy candy.

“You think you’re going out for five or six hours and it ends up being 18 hours,” Cardi says in Spanish as she pulls a deodorant out of her bag. “You need some strong and powerful deodorant.” And that deodorant, it turns out, is Native Deodorant in the scent Sour Berry Belts from the brand’s limited-edition Candy Shop collection — and yes, it has the fruity, tart smell the name suggests.

This isn’t the first time Cardi has shown Native some love. She has previously shared her fondness for Native’s Baked by Melissa Tie Dye Vanilla Cupcake Body Wash, so clearly she’s open to smelling like multiple types of sweet treats.

Native Limited Edition Sour Berry Belts Deodorant

But just because she loves those deodorant and body wash scents doesn’t mean she loves fragrances in general. She also carries around Vicks VapoRub to help her deal with perfume allergies. In other words, stay away from Cardi if you’ve doused yourself in cologne, but feel free to come around with your subtly sweet-and-sour armpits.

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