As someone with wavy hair, I know how mercurial it can be. You wash it one day and it dries perfectly, and the next time you repeat the exact same process and it looks completely different. While I’ve been fighting with my temperamental waves since high school, Anne Hathaway’s waves are the complete opposite: effortlessly undone, like she didn’t even have to try.

Hathaway hit the streets of New York City on October 3 in the aforementioned perfectly-imperfect waves, pairing them with a slightly confusing outfit that included a denim corset and denim waistband with black trouser pants. (I’m still not 100% sure about the mechanics of this one.) But let’s talk about her hair, since that’s the true standout here. Hathaway’s dark brunette hair was parted in the center and styled in loose, shiny waves that began at her ears and undulated down. These aren’t the kind of waves you spend hours sculpting with a curling iron, then brushing out with your fingers so each bend looks pristine and precise. These are the kind of waves that you randomly wake up with one day and can’t believe how good your hair looks, and while I’m zero percent surprised they belong to Hathaway, I’m 100 percent jealous.

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