Let’s take a trip back to 2008. You’re sitting in front of the TV, not-so-patiently waiting for your show to return, and then you see a commercial for this half-moon-shaped contraption called a Bumpit. It was specifically designed to create an effortless high pouf, and I’m 99.9 percent positive that Anne Hathaway wore one for the massive beehive she had recently.

On September 28, the actor paired her tall hairstyle with a green and silver patterned dress for the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s 2023 Albie Awards in New York City. The hair at her crown was sectioned off with face-framing pieces left out in the front. That section of hair was used to form the voluminous beehive that might have a Bumpit hidden underneath. (Jokes aside, probably not — her hairstylist likely just teased her hair and pinned it in place to help build the style’s height.)

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The rest of her brunette hair was left flowing in waves that hit her midback. The face-framing pieces were curled up and away from her face, allowing them to graze her cheekbones almost like curtain bangs. Though her hair is dark brown at the roots, it transitions into a brighter cinnamon hue about halfway down. 

As for makeup, she kept it simple, letting her beehive hairstyle be the main character. Brown shadows were blended on her lids, and a small cat eye was drawn along her lashline. The pink flush on her cheeks looked identical in color to her glossy lips. 

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