Out of all the low-stakes decisions a person can make about their life, getting bangs is the highest-pressure. So imagine doing it when it seems like everyone is eagerly awaiting your public appearances and hanging on your every word. Well, Kim Cattrall doesn’t have to imagine that.

The Sex and the City star was seen in New York City on Wednesday, June 28, both on The View and at an event at the 92nd Street Y, right in the midst of lots of buzz over her highly anticipated and completely unexpected cameo in the second season of And Just Like That, the Sex and the City continuation from which she was conspicuously and famously absent in the first season. And she brought with her some fresh fringe.

Cattrall’s new bangs are neither too heavy nor too wispy, covering the majority of her forehead and hitting right at her eyebrows. Her hair was styled in loose, shoulder-length waves. The looks is a departure from recent appearances in which she’s straightened her fringe-free hair.

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