I’m lazy … when it comes to hair care. When I get around to washing my hair, I do the usual shampoo-and-condition routine. But when it comes to hair masks, I can’t be bothered to spend the extra five or 10 minutes it takes for a conditioning hair mask to do its thing and then rinse it out. So for my dry, medium-thick hair, leave-in treatments that I can apply and forget about, like this Amika Dream Routine Overnight Hydration Treatment, are a godsend.

All I have to do is squeeze out a dime-size dollop of product, run it through my mid-lengths to ends, and I’m ready to sleep (the ultimate beauty hack). Speaking of sleep, this lightweight creams absorbs quickly, so there isn’t any unwanted residue that shows up on my pillowcase. Once I wake up, my hair looks a lot smoother and more nourished. What more can a lazy hair-care girlie ask for? Not much, apparently.

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