With nearly a week until the live-action Barbie film’s official release, the cast has shown out during their press tour, making subtle or blatant references to the beloved doll franchise. And we’re not-so-silently obsessed with America Ferrera‘s glamorous waves that put the Hollywood in Old-Hollywood waves. 

Ferrera, who plays Gloria (the film’s token human), was dressed in a bright red, long-sleeve, floor-length gown for the July 12 London photocall. Her long dark hair was parted on the side, and the smaller side was tucked behind her ear. Most of her hair was swept over her shoulder, and her long wavy hair cascaded into glamorous waves that fell toward her waist. 

Not a hair was out of place in this hairstyle, making me wonder what hairspray or other holding product was used to lock the curls in place. Her hair had tons of volume and a level of body that makes me kind of jealous I wasn’t able to see her flip this hair as if she was starring in a shampoo commercial. 

As for her makeup, her red lips were the main character. This red lipstick was a deeper shade than her dress and looked like a true red hue. It also looks like she had a light smoky eye plus a shimmery highlight buffed on her cheekbones. 

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