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Why Barbie’s Makeup Is So Minimal

In Barbie Land, the makeup was minimal and the hair was extravagant. Primorac and Margot Robbie have both noted how Barbies have larger than life hair to make them appear more doll-like. But the makeup is the opposite: It was catered to the beauty of each individual actor and skewed more on the natural side. Primorac wanted the looks to be classic yet modern.

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“Our references were iconic movies of the ‘40s, ‘50s and the ‘60s, but I also wanted to be very current,” says Primorac. “I could imagine that Barbie would be at every summer festival looking cool in her cowgirl outfit out at Coachella. She has to be able to go to Coachella as she [also] needs to be a movie star. Every time we piled on too much makeup, it wasn’t as classy and as everlasting and delicate as I think it ended up being in the end.”

How Barbie’s Hair Mirrors Her Journey

As Barbie becomes more human, her hair begins to change. We see fewer over-the-top wigs and more realistic hair on her. “The hair deflates and becomes a more normal amount of hair,” says Primorac. “She suddenly has hair that’s normal length, and the amount of hair goes back to human [levels]. That happens quite slowly. By the end when she goes into the doctor’s office, she has a completely normal amount of hair.” Primorac says as Barbie becomes a human, they didn’t apply as much body makeup either.

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