When you think of wide tooth combs, you may initially associate them with flimsy, cheap plastic tools that seem to have no real purpose in your beauty routine. However, wide tooth combs are actually unsung heroes in the world of hair care – they are suitable for all hair types and prove to be excellent for detangling hair and evenly distributing hair products. According to hairstylist Derek Yuen, “The wide-tooth comb is used mainly to distribute product through damp hair and glide through any knots.”

Now that we’ve gotten the basics squared away, it’s time to define a good wide tooth comb, which is based on your hair type. For those with curly hair, hairstylist Brian Fisher suggests using a wide-tooth comb in the shower while conditioning, and then using your hands to form curls, rather than further brushing or combing. Hairstylist DJ Quintero adds, “Using a wide tooth comb on curly hair helps prevent breakage when your hair is wet and at its most vulnerable. It also helps to not disrupt the curl pattern when combing.”

A wide-tooth comb is also beneficial for straight styles, but the key is to use it on damp to wet hair, as this can provide even greater benefits. Quintero explains, “You can use a wide-tooth comb on both wet and dry hair,” Quintero notes. “Although, I would recommend using it in the shower or when wet to help with detangling and product distribution.” When it comes to detangling, Quintero suggests starting the process at the ends first and then making your way up to the roots to minimize breakage and hair pulling.

Now that you understand the importance of a wide-tooth comb, you can’t just head to the drugstore and pick up any old comb. Well, you can, but you’d be missing out on the opportunity to shop for a stylist and editor-approved pick. Below, you’ll find the 8 finest wide-tooth combs, suitable for all hair types and budgets.

Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Denman Brush Rake Comb, $15
  2. A Handmade Work of Art: Oribe Wide Tooth Comb, $50
  3. Best For Curls: Pattern Wide Tooth Comb, $15
  4. Best Heat-Resistant: Yves Durif Comb, $55
  5. Best for Tight Coils: Tangle Teezer Wide Tooth Comb, $13

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