Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which means Sephora Black Friday sales are at your door, ringing the bell with one beautifully manicured finger. Last year, select brands had 25% sitewide discounts, while other beauty essentials could be yours for up to 50% off. Quite frankly, it was bliss, and we’re anticipating similar trends this year.

But, before you get too antsy, the retailer already has a ton of products on sale. Goodies from brands like Ellis Brooklyn, Tarte, and Freck are ripe for the picking and only getting juicier. As the Black Friday beauty deals continue to reveal themselves in all of their affordable glory, we’ll keep you posted. Still, we’ve curated the crème de la crème of Sephora’s massive, early Black Friday beauty deals to get you started. These include top picks across skin, makeup, and hair essentials. Because, as Allure math would have it, anything above 30 percent off is free, right?

Without further ado, let’s shop some of Sephora’s early Black Friday 2023 deals to get ahead and get excited for one of beauty’s biggest weekends.

Sephora Early Black Friday Sales 2023

Tarte Sea Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

Milk Makeup Mini Kush High Volume Mascara

One large bucket of moisture coming right up with Tarte’s SEA Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer, a hyaluronic acid and squalene-rich formula that Ariel herself would rave about on TikTok. Algae and marine flower extracts reduce the appearance of fine lines; water and sea salt extracts keep skin balanced and hydrated.

Can we get a round of applause for the cannabis seed oil found in Milk Makeup Mini Kush High Volume Mascara? The ingredient that conditions lashes and retains volume without that dreadfully clumpy finish. Vegan “beeswax” prevents fallout, too, meaning you won’t have swaths of black clinging to your under-eyes before your second cup of coffee.

Ole Henriksen Phat Glow Facial Mask

Freck Beauty Slimelight Highlighter

Consider the Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial Mask, a pricy salon treatment in a far more affordable bottle. Unlike most chemical exfoliators, this formula harnesses the power of Polyhydroxy Acids instead of AHAs, encouraging cell turnover but remaining gentle enough for sensitive complexions. Supporting cast members include Nordic birch sap to hydrate and bentonite clay to clarify.

Every hour is golden hour with Freck Beauty’s Slimelight Highlighter on your cheekbones. HD pearls catch the sun and provide a luminous multi-dimensional glow, while the liquid formula delivers a dewy, radiant finish.

Ellis Brooklyn Après Essentials Gift Set

Caliray Endless Sunset Face and Eyeshadow Palette

Boy Smells Polyamberous Candle

Close your eyes and think of what winter smells like. Ok now open your eyes. You were thinking of Ellis Brooklyn’s Après scent, a combination of juniper berries, bourbon, and cedarwood…right? This on-sale Après Essentials Gift Set contains a full-size and mini version of the fragrance, making it perfect for daily wear or quick weekend trips.

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