The temperatures are rising, beach days are here, and suddenly, we have a sunny disposition. That goes for our nails too: cheery, vibrant, bold colors are all we want on our fingertips. We spoke to nails artist, and they confirmed there is a hot wave of summer nail trends that allow you to incorporate all of your favorite, lively colors into one design. 

Sure we love a simple, solid manicure — but now is the time to go all out, say, for that vacation you have been counting down the days until. This summer, more is more (is more). If you consider yourself a maximalist, rejoice. Nail art trends like skittle nails (with a different shade painted on each nail to create a rainbow of colors) and the aura nail trend — which blends multiple colors into a dreamy ombre finish — are just waiting to make an appearance on your nails.

And if you are a minimalist, you can get excited too. A neon palette may, in fact, be new territory for you, but you’d be surprised just how wearable some of these nail designs are, even in shocking hues. One standout you are sure to love is the micro French, a design that’s dainty when done in pastels but can easily be dialed up when executed with electric pink or orange. For the undeniably bolder trends (like tie-dye nails), know that there is a way to scale back these designs, while still making quite the splash.

Ahead, all the inspiration you need for an entire summer’s worth of manicures that are sure to turn up the heat.  

Meet the experts: 

Aura Nails 

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