As Instagrammable as sheet masks are, they aren’t necessarily intended for the unique issues associated with the skin around the eyes — and they surely aren’t the most eco-friendly (at least the single-use kind). Sure, a well-fitted face mask might deposit a few beneficial ingredients near your eyes, but sometimes you want to target the periorbital area, which is where undereye masks come in.

It’s no wonder that there has been a veritable eye-mask boom, leading to a much-welcomed deluge of comma-shaped patches made specifically formulated to target the dark circles, early-morning puffiness, and texture changes that happen to this especially thin, delate section of skin. However, over here at Allure, we can’t help but think how wasteful these little masks can be, hence why we are loving reusable options for undereye TLC anytime we need it.

Whether you want an overnight option for fine lines, a quick cooling fix, or a once-a-week session to hydrate and brighten, here are the seven best reusable eye masks on the market. Pro tip: throw any of these into the fridge for that extra-cooling effect.

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