Early 2000s fashion and beauty trends have been everywhere this year. On our nails, in our hair — you name it, someone’s done it. Makeup artist Stefanie Arreola, better known as Stenie among her followers, brought visions of Y2K-inspired hearts to her eyes by using some pink, orange, and dark-red eye shadows. She says that the colors and infinity hearts from The Powerpuff Girls, a fixture of the late 1990s and early 2000s, inspired her to create this look. 

Hearts as detailed as the ones on Arreola’s lids definitely require a steady hand and, more importantly, patience. “If you’re timid about trying the look because the hearts look difficult, I’d say a big tip is to use a small craft store brush and a water-activated liner to draw them on,” Arreola tells Allure. “Take your time and have fun.”

If you’re on the hunt for a water-activated eyeliner that’ll give you maximum control, Suva Beauty’s Hydra Liner in Scrunchie is a great place to start. With a look as detailed as this one, Arreola says you’re bound to mess up, but she notes that you can draw another heart on top of another to hide any mistakes. Practice truly makes perfect.

10. Pentagon’s Kino

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