Flowers are easily one of the most popular tattoo designs. “I find that floral tattoos are popular because [they have] the most versatility in regards to execution,” Bronx-based tattooist Julissa Rodriguez tells Allure. “Floral designs can be executed in various styles and can be incorporated into almost every general custom design that an artist creates.” 

Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Tiaret Mitchell, who studies floral symbolism and regularly incorporates blooms into their work, believes these tattoos are popular because of the deeper meanings some flowers embody. “[Flowers] symbolize growth and the beauty in transformation,” Mitchell shares. “I think having a symbol marked on your body that represents these elements helps assist a lot of people in their own journeys of navigating their growth and finding the beauty within it.” They note, for example, that the lotus flower symbolizes “the murkiness and muddy patches in life help us deeply in our growth,” for Buddhists. 

Of the floral design requests they’ll receive, Rodriguez says that roses, lilies, and peonies are the most popular flowers their clients choose. “My clients tend to request these specific flowers…in memory of a loved one that’s passed,” they explain. They add that lilies are typically associated with passing and mourning, while peonies tend to be symbols of love and honor.  Mitchell, on the other hand, says their clients typically will ask them to choose a floral or even do a freehand design. With hundreds of thousands of flowering plants known to exist throughout the world, the options for floral tattoos are practically endless. 

How To Find a Floral Tattoo That’s Right for You

Finding the right floral design for you starts with researching flowers and their meaning, especially if you have zero idea of what you want, explains Mitchell. In addition to discovering new types of flowers, this process can help you find inspiration for the sizing, shape, and color of your tattoo. 

“It all depends on a person’s journey,” Mitchell says, explaining that many people search for a  flower that best commemorates and represents whatever it is they’re looking to celebrate. But if a flower resonates with you simply because it is cute, that’s okay too.

Your tattoo artist might also be able to help and provide suggestions, particularly if they specialize in floral designs. Rodriguez will try to assist their undecided clients with picking a flower design by asking a few questions. “I always ask my clients if they have any favorite flowers, or their birth month or the birth month of the family member or person(s) they may want the piece to represent,” they share. “I ask them what feelings they want their design to invoke, and from their answers, I actually will look up what flowers represent those emotions or values.”

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