Give grandma’s slippers a cozy upgrade with these plush, super-soft warming slippers that will make her smile. The microwavable Intelex Warmies Slipper cocoon feet in a pocket of warmth that instantly ease stress and tension from the feet up. The fluffy booties are filled with millet grains, which absorb heat and disperse it across the top and sides of your foot. 

Despite sounding techy, these slippers work their magic after just a quick zap in the microwave (up to 60 seconds), so grandma won’t need your help every time she wants to warm them up. They are also stuffed with dried lavender for a complete aromatic, wellness experience that grandma will enjoy daily.

DavidsTea Feel Good Faves 12 Tea Sampler

Vilight Grandma Brag Board

Even if Grandma loves coffee more than most of the people in her family tree, she will truly appreciate this tea set of Feel-Good Faves from DavidsTea. The gift box holds a dozen often creatively named flavors — Blood Orange Boost, Calming Chamomile, Cold 911, Headache Halo, Le Digestif, Lemon Lullaby, North African Mint, Pomegranate Echinacea, Super Ginger, Throat Rescue, Valerian Nights, and Wild Grown Rooibos — that promote not only deliciousness but also relaxation, better digestion, and more. Be sure to pair it with a World’s Best Grandma mug.

Truth be told, all Grandma really wants for the holidays is a hug from her children and grandchildren. But for the times when that’s not possible, this adorable photo board will serve as her personal shrine to her loved ones. The decorative wooden ‘brag board’ features easy-to-use clothespins that make adding and swapping in new photos exceptionally easy and includes clips that work for photos of all sizes. The cute farmhouse design only adds to the charm.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Homesick Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

There are few things as comforting as that first sip of hot coffee in the morning and this genius heated mug ensures every sip that follows is equally as toasty and enjoyable. The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps grandma’s drink hot for well over an hour, so she can leisurely sip as she goes about her morning routine.

While there is a hi-tech element that allows you to set and control the exact temperature for your brew through an app, the whole experience can be simplified for grammy with the familiar plug-and-charge concept. The mug is auto-set to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, which is certainly hot enough for most palettes and is equally as functional for maintaining a hot morning brew.

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