The crowning touch to your makeup routine is The Makeup Set. This three-piece kit includes Glossier‘s Cloud Paint liquid blush, Boy Brow tinted eyebrow gel, and the Lash Slick tubing mascara.

Glossier Body Hero Duo Set

Glossier Stretch Face Duo

We’ve all been summoned to an impromptu Zoom meeting, with sleep crust still in the corners of our eyes, suddenly scrambling to put on something, anything, in two minutes. While we think you look gorgeous, crust and all, this Fresh-Faced Set by Glossier will spare you some mayhem. It comes with a tube of fan-favorite Boy Brow, Balm Dotcom, and a bottle of Futuredew. Of course, you can pick your brow and balm colors, and the oil/serum hybrid adds gleam to whatever’s underneath.

If your shower’s been yearning for a little more luxury, now is the time to strike. In the Body Hero Duo Set, you’ll get a full-size Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream and Body Hero Daily Oil Wash. Start by applying the facial oil wash under the cascading water, and after you step out, rub the perfecting cream wherever your body needs hydration.

For the perfect base, we recommend grabbing the Stretch Face Duo, which includes the brand’s lightweight foundation and buildable concealer.

Glossier The Dewy Look Set

While you’re in the skin-care section, be sure to check out The Super Pack, a set of three serums that each have their own benefits, such as hydrating, calming, and smoothing your complexion. There’s also the Dewy Look Set, which fea tures the always-natural-looking combo of Cloud Paint and Futuredew.

Glossier Boy Brow + Brow Flick Duo

Boy Brow reappears, this time with its mate, Brow Flick. By combining the pomade with the fine lines of the felt tip pen, you’ll have the classic Glossier brow look within seconds. Boy Brow fluffs and tints, while the pen fills in the blanks with hair-like strokes. The set is unstoppable and on sale.

Cloud Paint is a Glossier set staple, but if you’re a true fan, why not get two? The liquid blush gives the ultimate, natural-looking rosiness and only requires a teeny drop. It comes in a ton of versatile shades, so grab your tried and true shade as well as a new hue like Soar, which just hit shelves.

Glossier Balm Dot Com Trio

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint + Stretch Balm Concealer Duo

We really get into Balm Dot Com below, but the simple pitch here is: get three. Some of our faves are Birthday, Rose, and Coconut. Capisce?

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