“Neon is always trending,” says Los Angeles-based nail artist Elle Gerstein. In the 35 years she’s created manicures for celebrities and editorial photo shoots, she’s seen neon nails repeatedly resurface in the trend cycle. What exactly makes these bright, candy-colored hues so popular? “They make any design come to life,” Gerstein says. They make a statement, whether you combine different-colored neon nail polishes or contrast them against mellow tones. 

As versatile as they are, though, neon nails can be intimidating to wear. Thankfully, there’s endless inspiration on the internet — and we’ve compiled the best ones. Below, experts share what nail designs work best with neon and the most eye-catching color combinations.

Neon Animal Print Nails 

Elle Gerstein

Add a splash of neon to your favorite animal design. Gerstein particularly loves creating zebra print patterns using neon nail polishes. She says you do so by using two neon nail polishes (as shown above) or one vibrant hue in place of where the black shade would normally appear in the print.

Neon French Tips 

Hemi Park 

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