Hot summer days call for cool summer fragrances, and while it’s not exactly mandatory to switch up your scent with the season, these new perfumes will give you 23 reasons to do exactly that. We’re swapping cozy layers for airy lightness and looking for crisper, sparkling, more refreshing smells to replace the deeper notes that warmed us all winter.

These uplifting new fragrances play to the warmest season with classic florals and zesty, citrus notes that instantly lighten your mood. There are cool, breezy, ocean scents that lead your mind straight to the beach, and, of course, there are a few rebels that don’t care if it’s summer — they’re going rich, soft, and dramatically delicious regardless of the temperature.

The balanced blends of sweet, fresh, and flowery are bright enough to get noticed and subtle enough to spritz in the summer heat, earning the display-worthy bottles prime countertop real estate. Whether they’ve got traditional notes of the summer or they’re giving you every reason to switch things up this season, these refreshingly energized new smells will transport your senses to a state of vacation-like bliss — even if you’re sticking close to home. Keep scrolling to meet our lineup of the best summer fragrances.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum, $220
  2. Best Fruity Fragrance: D.S. & Durga Debaser Pocket Perfume, $75
  3. Best Clean Girl Scent: Chanel Paris-Venise Eau de Toilette, $98
  4. Best Musky Perfume: Byredo De Los Santos Eau de Parfum, $205
  5. Best Luxury Pick: Creed Wind Flowers Eau de Parfum, $445

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