Finding the perfect pink lipstick can be a balancing act. We’re not talking about your bright fuchsias or orchids or Barbie pinks; we mean those soft, subtle pinks that are almost nude but not quite. The kind of pink you wear when you want to wear every day to enhance your natural lip tone and when you want to feel effortlessly chic at any event. Yup, that’s the kind of pink we know you’re always searching for.

With soft pinks especially, taking your specific skin tone into account is incredibly important. Otherwise, you might end with a lip that’s way lighter or darker than you wanted, and it could quickly wash you out and make your radiant skin suddenly look dull. The selection process thankfully doesn’t have to be too difficult. “When I look at depth and undertones for a soft-toned, petal pink lipstick, I start by looking at the natural color of the lips,” bi-coastal makeup artist Lavonne tells Allure.

With that perfect shade in hand, application should be a breeze. You can simply swipe it on or take expert cues from Lavone. First, she dabs on a concealer to neutralize any blue, yellow, green, or purple undertones in the lips. “This way I have an even canvas to work with,” Lavone explains. “Then, I draw on a lip liner that complements the skin tone, and blend it into the lip before applying lipstick.”

To simplify your search for that petal-soft shade, we’ve broken down the best pink nude lipsticks based on your skin tone below. Don’t worry, we have all finishes accounted for: balmy, metallic, sheer, high-shine, and even pizza-proof.

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