Any tattered old T-shirt can usher you into dream land without further incident, but the best pajamas go even further, offering you a moment of relief after a long day — similar to that feeling of unfurling a tight ponytail or unsnapping an underwire bra. They’re maybe even an escape, in the form of silky fabrics or tropical prints. They’re ideally comfortable for long Netflix sessions or Saturday mornings spent sleeping in, without any itchy or unbearably hot fabrics that might cut into your REM cycle. These days, if you happen to be working remotely, they might even take up a sizable chunk of your work wardrobe, even if it’s just the non-Zoomable bottom half.

Because you might be due for a refresh, or just hunting for inspiration, we’ve assembled some of the most stylish and comfy women’s pajamas to lounge, dream, and sprawl out in — no matter what the season. Here, you’ll find menswear-style button-ups that double as tops for venturing out in the world (so long as you have the right pants), cozy flannel sets that are less lumberjack and more “cotton candy stripes,” and so many more styles to dabble in. Read on for the best pajamas at every price point.

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