Once summer comes around, everyone’s hair magically starts getting lighter and/or shorter. Hailee Steinfeld is embracing the former for the summer season with a brunette-to-blonde ombré that is very reminiscent of the 2010s. 

Steinfeld attended the world premiere of Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse on May 30 (she voices Gwen Stacy in the animated film) with her lightened hair, paired with minimal makeup and a denim button-up shirt. Her ombré hair was styled simply in a side part and left cascading in waves past her shoulders toward her chest area. 

The hair color starts as a brunette hue at the roots and continues about a third of the way down the hair. Then the brown shade transitions to a caramel-blonde color that covers roughly the next third of the long hair. The last section of hair is a bright honey-blonde hue, completing this brunette-to-blonde ombré. 

She paired her minimalist hairstyle with makeup that was just as subtle. Her eyes were lined with black eyeliner, and a soft pink flush was on her cheeks. Her lips were coated with a mauve hue that looked like it could be her natural lip color. 

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