If you’re someone who doesn’t put on a full face of makeup every day, you may have an idea that concealer is reserved only for full-on, heavy makeup looks. But there is actually a wide range of full-coverage concealers that offer a buildable base, which gives skin a natural-looking, smooth finish all on its own. Where foundations can sometimes feel too heavy for everyday wear, full-coverage concealers can step in as your new base bestie.

If concealing a blemish is your priority, a sheer-coverage cream like a tinted moisturizer (or even a tinted sunscreen) paired with a full-coverage concealer, can easily do the trick. Ideal for spot-concealing, hiding hyperpigmentation, and camouflaging dark circles — concealer is the product that you’ll want to do the heavy lifting. Makeup artist and founder of Ashunta Sheriff Beauty Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks tests her full-coverage concealers on tattoos — if it can cover up a tattoo or high-pigment area in one layer, you’re in full-coverage land. If you can still see skin-tone differences, freckles, or dark spots, you’re probably dealing with a light to medium-coverage formula.

As a bonus, full-coverage concealer also comes in handy for highlighting or creating a subtle contour. When using concealer to contour, makeup artist Joanna Schlip says “because contouring should look like a shadow, you want to choose a concealer color that is around two shades darker than your own complexion.” When using concealer to highlight, Schlip says to pick a hue that’s one shade lighter.

No matter where you are on your makeup-wearing journey these days, there’s a full-coverage concealer for every skin type and desired finish. We’ve gathered up the 19 best full-coverage concealers, including picks that are staples in makeup artists’ bags.

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