If you like to touch yourself the way a DJ fingers a disc, a high-tech sex toy might be the key to upgrading your sex life, whether you’re doing a solo or partnered-up performance. The only problem? Sometimes vibrators can be far too loud, akin to the motor of a lawnmower. Even if you’re not shacked up with your parents, there are plenty of reasons you might prefer not to have a violently buzzy buzzer — including thin walls and sex-negative roommates. That’s where the best quiet vibrators step in to silently save the day (or night).

Generally speaking, sex toys can add a little spark to your handsy sessions, giving you an opportunity to explore new sensations. Vibrators, after all, were literally made to give pleasure-seekers access to types of sensations, patterns, consistencies, and intensities that the human body is simply not capable of providing itself. These aids can be especially beneficial for people who have chronic pain or limited hand or finger mobility. With all of that being said, a vibrator with the noise level of a megaphone can feel uncomfortable at best, especially when there are people on the other side of the wall. So, swap your noisier toys for high-quality, silent vibrators that don’t make a peep.

Luckily, it is possible to masturbate with a vibrator without alerting your live-in family members, suitemates, or the stranger who lives in the apartment next door to you. From oral-sex stimulators to vibrators that double as jewelry, this list of the quietest vibrators ever includes options for stealthy masturbators looking to update their self-care practices. Read on for the best sex toys on the market with noiseless motors and enjoy your me-myself-and-I time on the hush-hush later.

Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Lelo Ora 3, $179
  2. Best for Couples: We-Vibe Sync Adjustable Couples Vibrator, $159
  3. Best Clit Stimulator: Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3, $50
  4. Best for G-Spot Stimulation: Vush Myth G-Spot Vibrator, $139
  5. Best Panty Vibrator: Lovehoney Rendezvous Remote Control Panty Vibrator, $50
  6. The Wearable Option: Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $69
  7. Best for Anal: Fun Factory Miss Bi, $150

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