If you want your hair out of your face, add a touch of fun to an ensemble, or make a statement with your hair, you can’t go wrong with one of the best headbands we’ve rounded up below. Not only do they come in different colors, fabrics, and styles, but they can also be worn in countless ways, such as tied at the nape of your neck, loose with some tendrils pulled out for a laid-back feel, or paired with a polished updo for a sophisticated vibe.

To this point, it’s no surprise that headbands are easily one of the hottest hair accessories of the moment, thanks to countless beauty TIkTokers reinforcing how rad they really are the hashtag #headband currently has 560.5 million views). What’s more, with seemingly infinite styles on the market to choose from, everyone should be able to find a headband that suits them, whether it be adorned with intricate pearl appliqués, tiny daisies, or decked out in animal print.

Whether you’re looking for a workout sweatband that won’t slip through your sweat sesh or a posh pick to upgrade your everyday looks, we can guarantee that you’ll find a piece of headwear that’ll let you embrace your inner Blair Waldorf. Not quite sure you’re ready to try the trend yet? Keep scrolling to find a few of our favorites. Something tells us you’ll be clicking “add to cart” in no time.

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