What do the best waterproof mascaras and your best friend have in common? They’ll both stick by you no matter what. Whether you’re headed to a hot yoga class, enjoying a humid summer day, caught in a downpour, or just need a good cry, using a couple of coats of sob-proof mascara will ensure that your lashes stay perfectly curled and coated, regardless of how much sweat and tears are involved. You won’t even have to take a second to fix any pesky smudges or flaking.

Not sure what makes mascara waterproof? Cosmetic chemist Ginger King says to look out for ingredients like isododecane (a solvent), paraffin (a type of mineral oil that resists water), and VP/eicosene copolymer (a film-forming agent). However, since they’re designed to basically withstand anything, you may want to invest in a high-quality cleansing oil to fully melt away these persistent formulas.

We asked professional makeup artists, who prep celebrities for long days on set and red carpet events, to share their go-to, waterproof mascara picks — and we threw in a handful of Allure Best of Beauty Award winners and editor favorites we can’t resist gushing over, too. Below, take a look at our guide below to discover 15 options that cover both high-end and affordable formulas that absolutely won’t let you down.

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