If you’ve ever had a nasty post-beach sunburn, you’ve likely grabbed a bottle of aloe vera gel to quell your scorched, aching skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the best aloe vera gels can indeed help soothe sunburned skin. The ingredient has long been synonymous with after-sun care, but that’s only one of the ways that savvy beauty brands are using the plant.

“The pulp of the aloe plant is water-rich, soothing, and hydrating to the skin,” Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, previously told Allure. “It is commonly used for sunburns and [soothing] common irritation because of these properties.” Aloe’s soothing, anti-inflammatory tendencies make it a favorite in undereye products, face masks, and, yes, after-sun care.

It’s 2023, and we hope that none of our beloved readers are out there getting crisp in the sun. But even if there isn’t any sunburn on your horizon, there are plenty of other ways skin can be hydrated and soothed. There are many products on Amazon and Sephora that incorporate aloe into their formulas for an extra boost of natural hydration. Sleep masks and body lotions cool down the skin with anti-inflammatory gel textures. And after-sun sprays revive skin after a day on the town.

Ahead, find the 15 best aloe vera gels and aloe spike-infused products for summer and beyond.

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