A wolf cut is a softer, shaggier shag cut. “It should have a rectangular silhouette, soft bangs, and layers throughout the bottom,” says Toth. It’s a perfectly imperfect medium cut if you like to have a little more length to play with different styles since you can get that shaggy wolf vibe with any texture (flat-ironed, beachy waves, or bouncy curls). 

Jellyfish Bangs


Okay, stay with us here: Picture a jellyfish. A dome on top, a skirt of shorter tentacles (they’re tentacles, right?) below, with a third layer of longer tentacles (or maybe those are legs?) underneath. The result is a three-tiered shape, which also happens to make for a super fun, geometric cut. “Jellyfish bangs consist of thick, blunt symmetric layers that frame each side of your face with horizontal chunks,” says Toth. Like jellyfish tentacles… legs… arms? “It gives off an edgy-but-playful vibe.”

Wispy Bangs

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If blunt, straight bangs are like icing on a cake, wispy bangs are like a gentle sprinkle of sugar. Piecey fringe like Rihanna’s gives her medium-long style more texture and interest, says hairstylist Julien Farel, and is long enough to push back on bad hair days (they come for us all). 

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