If you’re lighting up your go-to candle, Reguenes suggests burning it until the wax is liquid at approximately an inch deep to avoid over-perfuming the air. “Burning a candle for six or seven hours isn’t the best choice because you will tend to saturate your room, which can then spread to other rooms and create a mismatch,” he says.

What’s the vibe?

Think about it: after a long day at work, you’ll probably want to enjoy some soothing aromatherapy a la lavender or chamomile, not an energizing waft of citrus or coffee. Reguenes says to make intentional fragrance choices when scenting your space to match the energy of the room itself. For example, if you want to set your bedroom up for relaxation, Reguenes says to use “softer” scents like lavender, cotton, or linen, whereas Hassan suggests reserving experimentation for communal areas like the living room or den. “It has to reflect your personality because this is your space that you’re welcoming people into,” she says.

Need some scentscaping inspo? We thought so. Below, take a look at all of the expert-approved home fragrances to turn your home into an aromatic getaway:

Home fragrances for scenting every room

Living Room

As Hassan said before, the living room is the best place to test out new, unique fragrances in your home. “It’s not as intimate as the bedroom but it’s still defining who you are and what kind of impression you want to give to people,” she says. Bright, fruity notes like bergamot-powered citrus scents are ideal in this space, but Hassan also recommends experimenting with woods and any other fragrance profiles that set a vibe of “relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.”

Anecdote Candles Coffee Break

Otherland Georgette Candle

If you’re kicking the day off with a slow breakfast or running to your makeshift work-from-home office, Reguenes says lighting a coffee-scented pick like Anecdote Candles’ Coffee Break will surely get you in the mood for a productive morning. Along with rich, invigorating coffee, this candle also features decadent notes of creamy coconut and sweet vanilla.

Reguenes says the living room is also the ideal space for playing with seasonal fragrances. Since we’re in the midst of spring, he suggests lighting the Otherland Georgette Candle, a fragrant bouquet of magnolia, lily of the valley, and amber — talk about groundbreaking florals for spring, right?

Nest New York Lime Zest & Matcha Votive Candle

Pura x The Met Egyptian Set

Feel bright-eyed and energized even if you skimped on sleep the night before by lighting up Nest New York’s Lime Zest & Matcha Votive Candle. As its name suggests, this ultra-citrusy and fresh scent starts with a burst of juicy lime that’s harmonized with herbaceous sage and sweet, creamy matcha.

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