Fun fact: although the new year of the Gregorian calendar just started, we’re actually at the tail-end of the zodiac calendar. If you thought Capricorn is the first astrology sign of the year, think again. That crown belongs to Aries, so we actually have two astrology seasons left to celebrate until the celestial new year. As of January 20 through February 18, it’s officially your favorite Aquarian’s time to shine. Since these creative spirits can find joy in just about anything you get them, the best gifts for Aquarius are actually surprisingly easy to find.

If you have an Aquarius friend or loved one in your inner circle, you probably noticed that this sign is a true social butterfly with a knack for going against the grain, whether that be with their desire for philanthropic work or their fashion sense. Although its name begins with “aqua-,” it’s actually an air sign, a sect of the zodiac that has curiosity and intelligence embedded in its cosmic DNA. 

However, unlike Geminis and Libras, Aquarians are more focused on community and collective experiences instead of personal ones. Their desire to nurture could rival that of Cancer, which is why this sign is represented in the zodiac by the mystically-healing water bearer symbol — one of the few that’s actually human, by the way. This sign is also ruled by Uranus, which controls innovation and surprising events. Yeah, sounds like an Aquarius.

Stumped on shopping for an Aquarius gift? Don’t fret, because we found a few gift ideas that are just as unique as your favorite Aquarian. Below, take a look at the very best presents for lovable spirits born during the Aquarius zodiac season.

Athr Beauty Moonlight Crystal Eye Shadow Palette

LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In

In case you weren’t aware, the birthstone for February-born Aquarians is amethyst, and Athr Beauty’s Moonlight Crystal Eye Shadow Palette features shades of shimmery purples that are similar to the gorgeous gemstone. This 12-pan palette also contains hints of glimmering aqua blues, subtle pastel pinks, and even a glitzy mint green.

It only makes sense that the perfect gift for an Aquarius is made by an Aquarius. The LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In is an Allure Best of Beauty winner that’s from Jennifer Aniston’s (a fellow Aquarian) hair-care line, but that’s not the only reason why they’ll love this nourishing formula. This leave-in spray has a lightweight formula that all hair types can enjoy and softens and smooths hair with the help of bamboo and yeast extracts.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

The gift of better beauty sleep is always appreciated, so give your Aquarian bestie the nighttime glow-up they deserve with the Grace Eleyae Knot Turban. This satin-lined turban easily slips over your head and hair and can easily be adjusted for a secure and comfortable fit. It can be worn overnight to guard hair against friction and damage or be used as a cute hair accessory during the day.

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