It’s been more than four years since Rihanna gifted Fenty Beauty to the world and changed the makeup universe for good. While RiRi was hardly the first star to dabble in the entrepreneurship sphere, Fenty Beauty took your usual celebrity product launch to another level. It’s a brand rooted in breaking boundaries, norms, and records with a refreshingly inclusive approach and equally as diverse product range.

The Fenty fairytale began in September 2017 when the brand debuted at Sephora with 91 variations of products that featured a host of glimmering highlighters and an extensive range of 40 foundation shades. The award-winning Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation catered to a much wider range of skin tones (and undertones) than many brands before it, making it every bit deserving of a round of applause — a standing ovation (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves). And at the time of writing, the number of base shades has grown to 50 — solidifying Fenty’s status as one of the most inclusive beauty brands on the market.

Each subsequent product drop has celebrated and embraced groundbreaking inclusivity, stirring up a frenzy that continues to put Fenty in a league of its own. It comes as no surprise that Fenty Beauty’s impact doesn’t stop at cosmetics. Alongside the highly anticipated launch of Rihanna’s skin-care line, Fenty Skin (which features the innovative, refillable Hydra Vizor that we all know and love), the multihyphenate businesswoman recently bottled up another form of Fenty magic with the launch of Fenty Parfum — an inviting fragrance that’s both spicy and sweet. The extent of the Fenty Beauty effect is so apparent, it even catapulted Rihanna into an exclusive club of billionaires — yes, with a B — further proving the impact of this game-changing brand.

Additionally, the brand collaborated with beauty tech leader Perfect Corp. to introduce hyper-realistic augmented reality try-ons across to help shoppers better navigate the extensive shade selections and cater to a more personalized online shopping experience.

Given the lineup of Fenty greatness, it’s hard to play favorites. But if you’re looking to restock on widely beloved makeup products — or jump on the Fenty bandwagon for the first time — these are the 13 best Fenty Beauty products as co-signed by Allure editors and makeup artists.

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