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Welcome to April, Taurus! At the end of March, you saw new professional opportunities manifesting. So when your ruling planet Venus, the goddess of love, money, and beauty, enters Pisces on Tuesday, April 5, it’s time to talk shop. While last month was about coming up with creative ideas, now you’re having the conversations to make them happen. It’s good to have Venus on your side; abundance is coming.  

Chatty Mercury moves into your sign, Taurus, on Sunday, April 10, and your work life isn’t the only area in which conversations are going down. Around this time, expect to wrap up tough conversations in your love life. You and your crush or partner(s) may be butting heads about a living situation, kids, or even budgeting. So when the fighter planet Mars enters calm Pisces on Thursday, April 14, you should see closure around these tough topics. However, if they persist, consider working together with a therapist.

Celebrate the progress you made in your love life on Saturday, April 16, when the sky lights up with a full moon in sensual Libra. Full moons are notorious for bringing drama, but this one lights up your sex life, making it the perfect night to stay in and get it on. And remember, masturbation counts as sex, so consider treating yourself to a new sex toy, regardless of your relationship status.

There’s another reason to celebrate when your season begins on Tuesday, April 19. Happy solar return, Taurus! Whether your birthday arrives in April or early May, take time and make plans to celebrate your birthday. You deserve an epic party platter, a massive cake, and hugs from all of your favorite folks (and pets), whether virtual or IRL. For the next few weeks, put a pause on people-pleasing. Let others take care of you. And enjoy frivolous fun around the start of your season — which is also right around 4/20 — because life gets more serious at the end of April. 

First, the communication planet Mercury moves into Gemini on Friday, April 29, bringing up philosophical debates. You may find yourself debating the existence of a higher power or diving into political topics for the first time with a new friend or partner. Hold your ground, but if you hear something that piques your interest, be open to learning new ideas and perspectives.

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