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Welcome to April, AriesLast month brought the start of Aries season, which means birthday celebrations galore. You indeed have to pass the torch to Taurus this month, but don’t worry. May brings plenty worth celebrating. 

On Tuesday, April 5, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance, enters dreamy Pisces and brings monetary gifts from the universe. So, circle this date in your calendar because, around this time, prosperous professional offers come your way, or maybe even a check. But, of course, you manifested all of this yourself. So, while a horoscope can offer magical encouragement, remember, Aries — you get the credit for your glory. You did that, so remember to be proud of yourself. 

The messenger planet Mercury enters Taurus on Sunday, April 10, sending you into a deep spiritual dive. This is a beautiful time to work with tarot. Read up on common tarot spreads, and let the universe communicate with you. Tarot isn’t pure divination. Like astrology, it shows you what you already know and reminds you of your power. 

Your ruling planet, fighters Mars, moves into Pisces on Thursday, April 14, further continuing the theme of money, honey. If someone owes you money, this transit helps you project the professional confidence needed to get them to pay. Or, perhaps you’re ready for a raise. Likewise, you find yourself calm yet encouraged to ask for what you deserve.

Get ready for hot sex and romance to match when Saturday, April 16, brings a full moon in Libra. Full moons are always an animalistic time, and sex tends to be a theme for many people. Yet, full moons are also known to cause drama. But in your case, Aries, with your 7th House of Partnership lit up under the influence of romantic Libra; this full moon should mean pleasure, not petty fights.

Sadly, your season ends, Aries and the sun moves into Taurus on Tuesday, April 19. However, because your theme for the next few weeks is manifesting more money, don’t be too sad. There are many happy days ahead. When chatty Mercury moves out of Taurus and into Gemini on Friday, April 29, you reconnect with friends. Making time for your friends is crucial, even if you’re busy professionally and even if you’re in a relationship. You need a solid support system outside of work and romance. 

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