Much like Keanu Reeves with his comic series

“Prepare for a noir sci-fi tale from the mind of Wesley Snipes and the creators of The Kill Journal & Ascend,” the team teases the project, launching on Kickstarter on June 21st.

Deadline details that Snipes and his Maandi House Studios have joined forces with Gifted Rebels and PCB Entertainment on The Exiled, which has a pretty cool synopsis.

“The comic will follow Detective Niles “Roach” Washington as he pursues a serial killer in the aftermath of a deadly gas attack.

“As the killer rips the spines from his victims, using tools over 5,000 years old, the world outcasts Roach for his theories. But his instincts keep pushing him forward. With enemies on all sides, and within, he wades into the darkness to find the killer and uncovers Earth’s darkest secret.”

Wesley Snipes created the story alongside Adam Lawson and Keith Arem.

Deadline also notes that Gabriel “Eskivo” Santos (Knightwraith) is handling the art for The Exiled, with Valentina Bianconi (Seven SwordsTwo Moons) handling the colors.

“Comics let you explore big worlds. Since Blade, I have been attracted to origin stories and developing characters,” Wesley Snipes said in a statement shared by Deadline this afternoon. “Now, I get to build “Roach” as a character from the ground up and I dig that.”

Head over to Deadline to learn more about the Wesley Snipes comic book project.

Wesley Snipes comic

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