Lizzo has never been one to shy away from experimental or bold beauty looks — and she delivers consistently. Take for instance the extravagant beehive-esque updo made out of Christmas tree garland and ornaments and stacked on top of her slime-green hair that she wore for the 2021 holiday season. For Valentine’s Day, she decided to go for a pretty-in-pink theme with pastel pink hair that was styled into two hearts on top of her head. Once again, the pop star is experimenting with her hair in a whole new way with slicked-down edges that can best be described as adult hairs.

To debut this hairstyle, Lizzo didn’t go for the regular selfie or a photoshoot. Instead, she posted a few photos with her head completely upside-down and captioned the Instagram post, “what he sees.” On each side of her head, her adult hairs were Slick with a capital S and swept to the side right above her eyebrows. You can only see a peek of the rest of the hairstyle in the photo set, but she shared a second Instagram post featuring a video that gives a much better view. 

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In the video, her head is still very much upside down, but you can see that her hair is fashioned into two pigtails with hair wrapped around the base and smaller pieces sticking out. These edges are actually the work of extensions; the tracks of the pieces of hair can be seen, which many fans pointed out in the comments. The lengthy adult hairs go well past her eyebrows, wrapping all the way around her chin and neck. On the side of each cheek, the hair was swirled into large loops over a red blush.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Styling your baby hairs in creative ways has always been a thing, no matter how dramatic or even ridiculous they can look. While Lizzo’s baby hairs are clearly fully matured adults here, we wouldn’t be surprised if folks give this unconventional hairstyle a try. 

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