No matter your own personal feelings on the show at this point, “The Walking Dead” has proven itself to be a pop culture sensation, Robert Kirkman’s original comics spawning a hit series from AMC that’s still alive today over 10 years after it began. The AMC series first premiered in 2010, and here in 2022, “The Walking Dead’s” final episode is headed our way.

The current season of “The Walking Dead,” Season 11, is the show’s Final Season, which has been broken up into three separate parts. The finale of “The Final Season: Part 2” airs on AMC this Sunday night, April 3rd, with “Part 3” of the final season coming later this year.

We’ve learned today that the final episode of the final season has just wrapped filming, bringing an official end to the 12-YEAR journey of “The Walking Dead” on the small screen.

Longtime star Norman Reedus, whose been with the show since the beginning, tweets this week: “That’s a wrap. 11 seasons 12 years. Never been so beat up and it was an absolute blast. Thank you to all of you that took this ride with us and what a ride it was.”

Fittingly, the show’s final episode was directed by key “The Walking Dead” producer/director/makeup artist Greg Nicotero, who shared a video on Instagram this week commemorating the end of an era with Norman Reedus. You can find that video below, along with a video from The Walking Dead World on Twitter that was filmed on-set this week.

Of course, “The Walking Dead” isn’t truly over even if the main series is coming to an end later this year, as AMC is expanding upon the universe with various spin-off projects.

Those projects include the New York City-set “Isle of the Dead,” the anthology “Tales of the Walking Dead,” and even a spinoff centered on Daryl and Carol that has no title at this time.

As for original spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead,” that series is still ongoing.

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