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Welcome to June, sweet Virgo. During May, you opened up about sexual fantasies, kinks, and desires and, as a result, hopefully, are feeling more confident and satisfied in bed. However, suppose you are still dealing with any communication issues, such as nervousness surrounding disclosing a kink or even responding to a message on a dating app. In that case, that should get easier when your ruling planet, Mercury, ends its retrograde on Friday, June 3. After that, expressing yourself comes more naturally, as does listening. 

This emphasis on communication flows naturally into Saturn retrograde, which begins in Aquarius, starting on Saturday, June 4. Strict Saturn is known as the “taskmaker” of the zodiac. When it goes retrograde, which is not a cause for alarm, everyone must look at their boundaries and adjust as needed. For you, dear Virgo, the next four and a half months will see a transformation in how you talk about sexual desires. As a result, and thanks to the influence of community-oriented Aquarius, you may see yourself making new sex-positive friends or even become part of a local (or online) kink or queer community.   

When your ruling planet, chatty Mercury, enters its other home sign of Gemini on Monday, June 13, you are able to resolve any lingering communication issues within your current community. If you’re bickering with a live-in partner or roommate or dealing with family drama, thankfully, it should work itself out around this time. You’ll appreciate quiet on the homefront because Tuesday, June 14, brings a full moon in Sagittarius, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules fame and success. Full moons are powerful times of manifestations, so whether it’s welcome news at work, an invite to a party you’ve been dying to try, or positive feedback on a creative project, this full moon bodes well for your ego. 

Cancer season kicks off on Tuesday, June 21, which is also the Summer Solstice, or the longest day of the year. So put on a flower crown, plan a picnic, and get witchy with your favorite people. Cancer energy can bring out the caretaker in all of us, but Cancer season sees you connecting with friends in particular. If you have the time, try to make as much time with friends as possible, such as throwing dinner parties or beach trips (while continuing to practice Covid-19 safety concerns, in addition to wearing plenty of SPF, of course).

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