Sticking to their word, Vanimals’ zombie survival game Undying is still receiving weekly updates while in Early Access. The latest update is a biggun, which revamps how you can control Cody, but also redesigns his entire skill system to add that much more convenience when playing.

For starters, Cody now has a command wheel with four simple commands to better predict his behaviour: Stay and assist in the fight, Follow and assist in the fight, Stay, and Follow. The update goes on to talk about in detail how Cody will now react to situations when using the command wheel, including his default state being to Follow and assist in the fight, and how if players want to issues commands and Cody is frightened, he will need to be calmed down in order for the command to be issued.

Cody’s Skill Tree has also seen a complete revamp, with the previous Talent Tree Unlock missions and previous skill trees being replaced with 62 “Basic Skills” for Cody. These skills can be learned from the player performing actions, or by practising them by himself.

Cody also now has 36 upgradeable “Advanced Skills” in Craft, Survival, and Combat, with each type being drawn from the skill pool by spending 100 experience points and can be “bought” directly after selecting the skills you want to learn. Both the Basic and Advanced skill pools will be expanded in the future “to provide more interesting gameplay experiences”.

The update isn’t all just Cody, as the combat system has also received an update. One-Handed Weapons now have a combo system, which will produce a three-hit combo that deals 100%, 100% and 140% damage, respectively. You can also now use the move command to cancel the attack recovery animation after an attack. Weapon Hit Recovery has also been tweaked, with those weapons with higher strength having a greater chance to knockback, stun, and interrupt the target, depending on the enemy.

This is all on top of the various tweaks and bugfixes for Undying, which you can read up on from the update. Currently, Vanimals sees Undying exiting Early Access on Steam in May, with plans for the game to launch on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as Android and iOS devices.

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