So, remember how Striking Distance Studios’ The Callisto Protocol wouldn’t be coming to Japan after the team refused to tone down the violence? Well, for the Season Pass of The Callisto Protocol, the devs are doubling down on that.

The Steam page for The Callisto Protocol was recently updated to include details on just what’s included with the game’s Season Pass. Along with including the Outer Way Skin Collection and Story DLC, the Season Pass also includes two bundles: the Riot Bundle and Contagion Bundle.

The Riot Bundle introduces a sort of Horde Mode to The Callisto Protocol, where you’ll battle through waves of Biophage, upgrading and unlocking new weapons as you go. Meanwhile, the Contagion Bundle introduces a sort of Hardcore mode to the game, where you have reduced ammo and health drops, along with a customized difficulty and permadeath. Both Bundles contain respective skin packs.

It’s also in these two bundles that you have additional death animations for our protagonist, Jacob Lee. While the Season Pass doesn’t reveal exactly what those deaths involve, there are an additional 25 death animations between these two modes.

Once again, seeing as Striking Distance were behind the Dead Space series and its spectacularly gory death scenes, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Callisto Protocol arrives December 2nd for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.


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