If you haven’t already spotted the “modern Diana” bob on your Instagram and TikTok feeds, trust us, you’re about to. With the Platinum Jubilee encouraging us to get nostalgic about the royal family, it’s only right that 2022 will shine a spotlight on Lady Di, whose signature beauty look made her a fashion icon of her time (and of all time). Years on, millennials and Gen Z are still revisiting her best style moments with some modern-day flair. See: cycling shorts, power co-ords and blue eyeliner.

In just the past couple of years alone, Princess Diana has inspired the beauty looks of Kristin Stewart in Spencer, Emma Corrin in season four of The Crown, and Elizabeth Debicki is set to play the royal for season five this November. Proof that Diana’s impact is still as far-reaching today.

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But back to the Modern Diana bob. According to Suzie McGill, international artistic director at Rainbow Room, there’s a reason Diana’s iconic cut is so perfect for the current day. “Diana has always been a style icon, and the bob never goes out of fashion. Diana always sported a bob, sometimes hitting just past her cheekbones and sometimes slightly longer at the back, but what was always a statement look of Diana’s bob was the deep side parting and the volume and layers within her hair,” explains McGill.

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