If you’re using a bath towel to dry your body and hair, it’s time to introduce you to some hair towels or otherwise known as hair turbans. You may be thinking: Do we really need to add yet another step to our hair-care routines? The answer is yes — well, at least if you want to keep your hair as healthy as possible. According to New York City-based colorist Nikki Ferrara, adding a towel specific to the hair has so many benefits. “Frizzy hair will be minimized, hair patterns will be more defined, breakage or split ends will be minimized, and they cut down the average drying time,” she says. 

So, what makes these towels so different? Most hair towels are made out of an absorbent microfiber material, which absorbs excess water. “They also are known to be more gentle on hair because they feel more plush and soft compared to traditional terry cloth towels,” Ferrara adds. 

While all of these hair towels may seem very similar, they all have different features for different hair needs. Some have little loops for hands-free drying, others are made of jersey cotton, and some are designed for color-treated hair and can find many on Amazon, Sephora, or Ulta Beauty. Regardless of your hair desires, we promise there is one for all hair types. Keep scrolling to see the best hair towels for your healthiest hair ever. 

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