It took nearly three years, but Stranger Things 4 has finally arrived on Netflix. (Well, the first volume of episodes anyways.) By now, everyone’s already talking about the season’s Elm Street vibes, praising Kate Bush for giving fans the best needle drop of the series, and debating whether or not Steve Harrington is going to kick the bucket.

The Halloweenies? They wanna talk Part 4s.

Look, it’s no surprise that the Duffer Brothers like to treat each season of Stranger Things like a film sequel. Hence, the numbers. So, the gang thought it’d be a great opportunity to celebrate the oft-forgotten fourth entry of a franchise, particularly since they’re at the point in their Evil Dead coverage when speculation on Evil Dead 4 was abound.

So, that’s what they did. They gathered up all the Part 4s in horror they could find, hit the voting boots, and came out with a top 10 that they feel pretty, pretty … pretty good about it. Some entries you can probably rattle off right now (Freddy! Jason! Michael!), but others may surprise you … or, hell, even aggravate you (no spoilers). Who knows.

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