We’re always up for a game involving a haunted house. And developer Under the Stairs has one such title in Eyes in the Dark, a stylized action “roguelight” (you’ll see) game that’s set to be released next month on Steam. Before that, however, Under the Stairs will be debuting the game’s demo during Steam Next Fest.

Eyes in the Dark is an action platformer centering on protagonist Victoria Bloom. Victoria’s family mansion, Bloom Manor, has been consumed by darkness. That darkness has given way to monsters overrunning Bloom Manor, who have taken Victoria’s grandad, Victor. Armed with your flashlight and slingshot, Victoria must enter the mansion, drive back the darkness, and save her grandad.

What really makes Eyes in the Dark stand out is its aesthetic. The game is entirely made up of stylized monochromatic art. Plus, it’s dark. The only way to get through it all is with Victoria’s flashlight, which you’ll use to cut through the darkness and illuminate your path through the mansion. In addition to your flashlight, you’re armed with a slingshot to defeat enemies. You’ll also uncover new items and weapons that will help you on your quest, and change the way you play.

Seeing as this is a “roguelight”, each run through the Eyes in the Dark will be different. And as you’d expect, the farther you progress, the more difficult the game becomes. At the same time, you’ll also be uncovering powerful new perks to help you, but as a double-edged sword, they carry a corresponding weakness.

Steam Next Fest kicks off on June 13th, running in tandem with Summer Games Fest, which starts later today. Eyes in the Dark launches on Steam July 14th.

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